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I had a 29 footer and coming from Boston. Narragansett Bay can get rough!

I would not say for the first time that going though Woods Hole is a pleasant trip. The currents though there can hit 6 knots. Its a tight passage with rocks on both sides. My first time, my wife was on one side of the boat, me on the other making sure we did not leave the channel!

When you see the buoys standing at a 45 and water rushing over them. You get a little nervous. Than you get the jerks that have been though there dozens of times that fly though there hitting you with there wakes.

Not trying to talk you out of going though there! But what to expect for the first time if you go.

You could hit Cutty Hunk than go straight to the Vineyard without going though Woods Hole making the trip shorter.

One thing I found very useful is Maptechs guide book. If the weather turns on you and with a 29 footer you can find the nearest safe harbor. The book gives you a list of places with phone numbers and what they offer.

But I would buy a bigger boat to do that trip if thats the types of trips you are planning. With my 29 footer, I could never carry enough water and the fridge was just too small.
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