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Battery Check

Sensing my batteries are needing more charging, I`ve done a check. All were on the boat at purchase in 2020 and tested ok.The main batteries are 2 SLA x 8Ds, 1200cca, 200Ah capacity. The (replacement newer) Pro Mariner 40A 2 channel charger is set to SLA.
I think the whole install (excl actual batteries) is factory. But now it gets messier.

Port 8D also feeds to the bowthruster battery,an Optima 34M, 800cca and 50Ah capacity, it`s AGM, and a good and pricey brand here.

Stbd 8D, as well as charge from alt and charger, gets regulated charge from 160w of solar. It also feeds the Genset battery, an SLA, 1000cca, capacity 150Ah.

The 2 8Ds both test well, above specified cca.

The bowthruster and genset batts test poorly and need replacing. I`m thinking, in their poor state they make excessive demands on the 2 8Ds, and what charges them,and that needs fixing. Genset batt served well, installed 2016. Can`t see an install date for the bowthruster batt so far. Even so, genset still starts fine, bowthruster works, not as strong as I`d like, hoping new batt helps.

I expect there are combiners somewhere for the 2 peripheral batteries. I`m going to get an electrician onboard to help with some other things, he can chase that down.
The 8Ds seem ok, I don`t need to change them. Going to be a difficult job due to location. But, I`ve been charging an AGM using SLA charging profile, via an SLA. Not optimal I suppose, but is it a no no? Do I get an SLA,if I can find one to fit,or another AGM? Or doesn`t it matter?
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