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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
If you have a large rudder swing you’ll need a knowledgeable and experienced helmsman that does’nt go “hard over” at 25 knots.

I had a 45 degree rudder deflexion each way on my Willard 7 knor boat w 3 turns LtoL.
Worked beautifully.
I view the “Ackerman” is like the front wheel steering on a car in the interest of near equal rudder loading in turns.
rslifkin please correct me if I’m incorrect.
I'm not actually sure if it's possible to get full rudder deflection at fast cruise. I think it takes enough force that you're into the hydraulic relief valves before full deflection at that speed. Either way, all the rudder you can get at 17 kts gives a very tight, steeply banked turn, but no sketchy handling.

For Ackerman, that's my understanding as well. The inboard side follows a tighter track in a turn, so it needs more angle for equal loading. But my rudders are configured opposite of that, which I've never heard of on another boat. It's definitely the factory configuration on mine though.
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