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[QUOTE=Greg QS;1158596]This is exactly what I have been trying to bring to peoples attention. I feel like I have been beating a dead horse. I hope you all were listening to the video. They "found a small leak in the after cooler" . This is the source of all there problems. This could have been prevented by a regular after cooler disassembling , cleaning, and pressure testing. The blown head gasket are the result of water intrusion , not the cause.

Too right. And before any widespread panic arises about these engines, this is not the first major failure on the C Shels Tolly. Earlier in the series there was a generator failure - and when I say failure I mean smoke coming from the lazerette. The water pump seized because of failed bearings and seals. That might raise some eyebrows about the regularity of maintenance on that vessel.

I have a similar boat and the same engines and generator: hence my interest.

But aftercoolers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, and raw water pumps will bite you in the ass if you ignore them.

The only thing I would add to the wisdom of the post that I have quoted is that regular fluid sampling is a relatively inexpensive early warning system.
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