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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
I was astounded by the cost. I would have guessed about $30K.

I guessed $32k.

Really glad I have the time, skills, tools, and gear to do that kind of work myself. I'd still pay for the machine work, but the tear down, removal, install, and re-assembly is well within my skill set and something I have the spare time to do. I also hope I never have to... Their experience with head gaskets is precisely why I did all 4 of mine a couple of years ago.

The rusty cylinder they found is something I am addressing this Winter on my boat with a hot fresh water flush system. It cannot fix a leaking after cooler, but it will prevent condensation from dripping into cylinder 6 after shut down in cool sea water and should make my engine anodes last much longer.

Speaking of machine work, it is shockingly reasonable around here in NH. I think I paid $1300 a pair for 3208 head renewal: new valves and guides where needed, magnaflux, surface machining, and everything else tested and inspected. They said my springs were fine. The work was completed in less than a week too. I paid $2000 for injection pump disassembly, inspection, reseal and test. That took weeks though, my guy for that is super busy.
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