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Internet issues

Since leaving the Hawaiian Islands, our internet on the ship has been slow, unreliable, or non-existent much of the time. This morning I had a conversation with the General Manager about this issue. He stated that in this part of the world Starlink is non-existent, though we were reliant upon it for the first part of the trip.
We have the V-Sat receivers, in one or more of the 3 giant balls up on the roof. Those have been supplying the internet that we have, but it has been dropping out frequently, and not providing enough continuous connectivity to do much, such as uploading pictures. His overnight email suggested a solution will be along soon, as the problem has been identified, but a few hours later, I am still not able to get photos to load, and more important, I have been unable to get into my banking site.
One of our lecturers, after Hawaii, talked about the Starlink network of satellites as if it was up and running, but clearly, with only around 10% of the 42,000 touted actually launched, and many, if not most of those being the first generation that are without laser interconnection, that reality has not arrived in this part of the globe.
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