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Originally Posted by Jeff F View Post
Heh. I lived in Canberra for a while and my kids all learned bush safety in school. They'd occasionally spot big venomous snakes in the school yard, and my partner and I regularly encountered them on bike paths.

When I revealed I was Canadian people asked me if I was afraid of Grizzlies. I had to admit that I'd never come close to one. Even if I had, I don't imagine them to be more terrifying than a salt water crocodile.

My wife's aunt lives in Canberra in an old Queensland home on stilts. We've been fortunate to visit a couple of times. I hope to get back some time.
Touring Canada we stopped on seeing black bears several times, but not grizzlies.
A "Queenslander"raised house in Canberra is somewhat unusual. They are built high, for ventilation underneath for the Queensland heat, and be above floodwater. Canberra often goes below zero centigrade in winter(despite the political hot air from Parliament) and it gets windy. Hot in summer though, a Queenslander might be good then.
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