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Off topic a bit I guess but,

My wife was bugging me for an electric O/B. due to my back trouble. I can still lift, barely, my gas 8hp Yamaha 2 cycle at 60#.

We would have needed the 6HP Torqueedo to do close to what I wanted.
At 15 knots my current 8HP O.B takes 15 - 20 minutes to get me and ~100# of prawn gear across the channel.

I have had a 2.5hp engine before and the same trip, same dinghy, was close to an hour. If rough it was not a nice trip. I have, by the way , rowed it at something over 2 hrs.

THe need lasted untill we found out the O/B was $6,000 ++ Cdn..
Then of course we needed the large battery, case about the size of an 8D although it may weigh less, and oddly enough the battery was more expensive, about $6,500+. So basically 13,000 + tax.

However ,it was a usefull exercise. I will either purchase or make a mast capable of easily lifting and swinging the O/B over to the dingbat so all I have to do is some light pushing and pulling of lines.

The E O/B will bear watching though. Demand will increase , improvements will come and likely prices will drop.
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