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Danforths reported (and in my experience using quite a few commercially and recreationally) are great holders, not so great setters.

I agree that after a certain size where they tend to be affected by light weeds, shells, small rocks, etc.....their setting record seems to improve dramatically.

The Danforth original High Tensile was my favorite and was included in my "sharpening" of the fluke tips for better weed penetration...they also speared more larger shells but if one fluke caught, the pressure seemed to break the shells apart and catch.... I could tell by how many were cracked and fell off retrieving.

I like the Danforths and Fortresses for storm anchors where you have time to properly set and test their holding.

On the bow for day to day use I just don't trust them as a modern anchor for quick set and hold in emergencies.....cruicial for single engine trawlers like I had.
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