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Originally Posted by Montenido View Post

Isla SF is one of my favorite spots. Regarding slip fees, I have been in Marina de la Paz for about 10 years. Covid has dramatically changed things. It seems that many of the american fishermen brought their boats back up from central america during covid and got as far as Cabo and La Paz. Suddenly there is a high demand for slips and rates rise.

Rates have gone up twice in the last year at Marina de la Paz. Last year I paid $1600USD in La Cruz and in Barra de Navidad, so I expect those prices to make their way to La Paz. I was just moved to a larger slip and the cost is $1399.

I know that boating is a rich man's game now, and I'm not rich. My boat is going on the market any day now. Anybody interested in a Californian 52 CPMY fully rigged for cruising? IT COMES WITH A SLIP!!!

Cheers, Bill
I agree with this sentiment generally. I do not blame the marina operators, it is just a mismatch between supply and demand for moorage and they have very good pricing power. I will leave the Sea of Cortez early for this reason. I have an 80 foot slip in Puget Sound that will hold the cat and the cost is less than half of La Paz. Let that sink in a minute. Puget Sound half as expensive as La Paz. That is a clear market signal which I will obey.
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