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Changed my mind this morning, not attending. Even though it is the largest boat show in the world, the list of exhibitors just doesn't appeal to my interests. It is purely a European show. Not a single "trawler" style vessel. No Cummins or Deere display. No American inclusion, Nordy, Kadey, Bering, Fleming, etc. Grand Banks is there with their new 54, but that's just a modern go-fast with traditional styling (dated styling IMO). Anyway, just isn't worth the 2+ hour drive with 32F weather.

Last year I was planning on attending TrawlerFest down in Stuart, but decided against that after chatting with some of you guys who attended.

Either boat shows are going downhill, or more likely, my interest is waning.

Anyway, hope someone here does attend Boot and can report more on it.
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