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My thought would be to set up a wired NMEA-2000 network (whether a generic DeviceNet, or proprietary wiring like SeatalkNG or SimNet). These networking components are marine-rated.

I'd keep all my data on that network, using NMEA-2000<-->NMEA-0183 gateways, as needed, to get NMEA-0183 data over to the NMEA-2000 network.

Then, I'd use a NMEA-2000<-->WiFi gateway to send all of the NMEA-2000 data (including the converted NMEA-0183 data) to/from WiFi, where it could be picked up by my PC running OpenCPN, among other devices.

For a NMEA-2000<-->NMEA-0183 gateway, something like the YachtDevices YDWG-02 ( is an option.

For the NMEA-2000<-->NMEA-0183 gateway, you could use something like the YachtDevices YDNG-03 (

The YachtDevices devices can be ordered with any the common NMEA-2000 connector options (SeatalkNG, SimNet, DeviceNet). And, adapters can be bought relatively cheaply to convert among them, as needed, if any device has the wrong one for whatever type of NMEA-2000 network you have, or nearby part thereof, happens to have.

And, there are plenty of options beyond those from YachtDevices. Those are just what I happen to use and be most familiar with off of the top of my head.

To avoid the wired NMEA-2000 backbone, whether wholly or in part, you'd need to have a NMEA-2000<-->WiFi or a NMEA-0183<-->WiFi gateway on each and every device. This would likely also require an adapter or short length of cable between each device and the converter as well as WiFi "router" (switch) which could be located inside and out of the weather. This would be a lot ore expensive, have more configuration overhead, and take more physical space.

My basic goal would be to get everything practically possible wired to the NMEA-2000 network and convert that to Wi-Fi exactly once. And then, if there were any devices that were truly too much trouble to wire directly to the NMEA-2000 network, I'd go ahead and "cheat" and use a NMEA<-->WiFi gateway at the device. But, I'd keep those to a minimum for the reasns above.

Also, if you've got NMEA-0183 stuff with nearby wiring, you can bring all of that together into a single NMEA-0183 multiplexer and connect it to the NMEA-2000 network or Wi-Fi. Some gateways even have Wi-Fi, NMEA-2000, and one to a few NMEA-0183 ports. They basically combine small NMEA-0183 multiplexers with NMEA-0183<-->NMEA-2000 converters with NMEA-2000 or NMEA-0183 (or both) to WiFi gateways.

Have fun!
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