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Originally Posted by Pete Meisinger View Post
I have heard of woodies being filled with water to pre soak. Check with your yard they may not allow it. It might make it too heavy for their lift.

This is generally not a good idea -- potential problems are pushing caulking out of place, loosening fastenings, and maybe even losing a plank or two.

Remember that when in the water, the planks are pushed against the frames and the fastenings are only lightly loaded and that's in shear. Full of water, the fastenings are loaded in tension.

You might accomplish much the same thing by putting a tub under the garboard plug, putting an automatic pump in the tub and running its output to spray nozzles inside.

Or, you could tent the hull up to the waterline and keep a big pool of water (kiddie pool?) under the boat. We did the opposite of this with dehumidifiers to dry out Sweetwater before epoxying her bottom.


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