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Originally Posted by Phyrcooler View Post
I am curious if the floorboards are different in the 350, vs the 390? I had my mechanic go through mine (2001 / 390 / 4LHA-STE’s) in the first year of ownership, and we definitely did not have to move the motor. Now granted, it is a B!tch doing anything on the outsides of either motor. I’ve rebuilt engines, and am pretty handy with a wrench… but I elected to pay someone to work on those engines because of what a PITA this engine space is with twins. (Actually, the whole boat was designed with zero interest in future maintenance or repairs. My frustration with this and other issues is a primary reason for selling). My mechanic cursed and swore Mainship… but it was doable. I also had freshwater flush connections installed. I don’t have any pictures handy, but I am curious the difference if any in the access. While you’re in there, you’ll definitely want to remote the starboard oil filter and install a dip stick on inboard side as well for access issues. The Portside raw water pump is also a ridiculous b!tch as well. Doable… but make sure there are no innocent children within earshot!

To my knowledge there is no difference in the floorboard arrangement in a 350 and 390. Also I have a small dip stick on the opposite side from the main dip stick on both STEs should too ...check it kinda hard to see them.
Yes port water pump is a PITA to get too and I hire a mechanic to change it. Only way to change that impeller on that engine and maintain your sanity is pull the alternator and bracket then pull the entire pump. My mechanic can do the job in about 1.5 hrs. Oil filter on starboard engine never been a problem .I place a board over stainer in front of engine and lay across it reaching with left arm. I break it loose with a cheap band type filter wrench use my hand to spin it off and spin on another. Works for me because I am over 6 ft tall with long arms...may not work for you but worth a try.
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