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I installed a new NextGen 5.5 kw genset in our new to us 1997 Marine Trader 34DC last June. It took 3 weeks to install and cost me about 2,000 dollars to do it myself. The Genset was 9500 dollars with sound enclosure. I was quoted 11,000 dollars to have it installed. We love it! Burns a quart an hour and is very quiet. I can give you some pointers if you choose to go that route. I installed the through hull and seacock before putting the boat in the water. It took a couple hours. I glassed 2 sheets of 3/4 plywood and bolted it to stringers behind the transmission. I hired 2 guys to lower the genset onto the plywood mount. I did have a skinny younger guy to drill the exhaust fitting and connect exhaust. hose. After that it was fairly straight forward hooking up fuel and return lines. Wiring the remote and switches was not that bad. I had it inspected by licensed marine electrician just to insure all was done right. Very rewarding project.
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