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I had a Northern Lights 6kw installed 2-years ago. The generator and sound shield was about $11k at the time. I think Comodave may be a bit light on the install costs but it really depends on access and configuration. Fuel - will need to add both supply and return, plus filtration. $400-$600 parts plus labor. Exhaust - wet exhaust plus thru-hull, gen-sep (if desired) plus lift muffler - probably $800 plus install. Plumbing - thru-hull plus sea strainer and hose - $800 plus install. Wiring, selector switch, and circuit protection. $750 plus install. And then there is inflation, bits & bobs/consumables, and the stuff I forgot to add-on. Could easily surpass $20k, but would be a nice system.

Re: Comodave's comment on solar/battery: I agree with his nudge to consider as an alternative. Really depends on one big variable: do you want/need air conditioning while off-dock? if answer is yes, then there is no way around a generator. If the answer is 'not really,' then an enlarged battery bank and inverter will probably get you want you want. Top-of-mark is LiFePO4 batteries and solar to help charge, maybe a hi-output alternator too. You could still easily spend over $10k with controls, but would be an easier system to maintain.......if you can get by without A/C.

Good luck - some very bright contributers on TF concerning this very topic.

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