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I have a 91 Grand Banks 46 Classic, and updated my two refrigerator boxes to Seafrost 12v systems in 2018 right after I bought the boat, and am now going to install another Seafrost system for the freezer.

The existing freezer box is lined with stainless steel like the refrigerator boxes (which I left as original).

But the size of the freezer box is really much too big than Ill ever need so in the interest of minimizing 12v electricity use I am seriously thinking of making the existing freezer box smaller by adding insulation and some form of panels on the inside.

So Im wondering what you did with your freezer and how it all worked out.


1. Did you keep your original freezer size, insulation, and liner? And if so, what size is it? And what size Seafrost system (plates, etc.) did you install in the freezer? Mine is about 28 deep from the countertop to the bottom and roughly 16 x 19 at the bottom with the outboard side larger going up as it matches the slope of the hull.

2. Do you know what the insulation is under the stainless panels in the freezer and what condition its in? I ask because Im thinking if Im going to make the box smaller it might make the best sense for me to remove the existing liner and insulation and replace with all new.

Anyway any and all information you can share would be greatly appreciated.
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