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Rich J
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My 11 year old LiPo had a dead cell. I removed and replaced it with four 8D liFeO4 270 amp Battleborn batteries. They are wired in series. My marine electrician reprogrammed the victron inverter, solar charger and battery monitor. For lithium iron specifications..
I used 4/0 cables and terminal covers.

They are twice the weight of LiPo. I installed two to port , one to starboard. And one under the helm seat.

A current limiter on negative inverter lead prevents high inrush current that could otherwise shut down Battery management. Battle born provided all specification for programming devices after I sent all technical info from the Greenline 33.

It works normally with isikata/Mahle electric motor and generator.battery monitor set to alarm before batter bms would shut down for low voltage.
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