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My concern with SmartPlugs is that if I DO have a problem with it, and am in a remote area, my chances of getting a new Smart cord, and associated receptacles is a lot lower than being able to get a standard Marinco cord or plug. . . . .

So the "solution" would be to carry spares . . . . . .

A spare SmartPlug cord is around $800.00. And SmartPlug ends ($180.00 to $250.00 EACH) . . . .

My spares budget is not unlimited, and a Marinco cord as well as Marinco replacement ends are about 1/3rd the price of the SmartPlug (per SmartPlug's website).

And I'm still not convinced that the SmartPlug is any better. I recently helped a boater replace his SmartPlug receptacle (He paid over $200.00) after it overheated and burned. . . . He had the new cord ($800.00 including tax) on order. He was NOT a happy camper . . . . or rather boater.
Vessel Name: Muirgen
Vessel Model: 50' Beebe Passagemaker
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