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Originally Posted by Cold Duck View Post
Like most responses, I have had wood boats and loved them. Would I have one today, no. If you really like spending time working on your boat and take pride in preserving a wood boat, by all means, go ahead. If you are looking for a cheap boat to use without much work, don't do it. I like many of you have seen some beautifully maintained wood boats that are flat out gorgeous, well maintained and a true effort of love to keep them floating. BTW, most marinas in our area will not rent a berth to a woody. Too many sink in the berth and are abandoned. This is not a trivial issue when getting a wood boat no matter how well maintained.
Is there a possibility that wood boats must be worked on to maintain a reasonable appearance. I too have had several wood boats and much more tupperware boats. Currently our Bayliner has a bit of teak which the previous and current owner will leave in natural state, clean and leave.

But there is a major job with glass boats that is ignored by many and that is waxing, cut polishing etc to keep the high gloss new look. Most boats show the age as that job appears to be optional to most owners, yet it provides as much work as does a wood boat that demands brightwork. IMO
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