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PNK - Peter -

You are correct - it is annoying. Sometimes (not very often) it happens when you are entering a port where you have never been before. At that point I just slow down and hope the chart is correct. Should not have to deal with it.

Normally due to better visibility around the Europa we drive from the fly bridge. The electric panels (AC panel photo below) are at the Lower Helm - of course. But when it does happen it usually stays on for a good 10 to 15 minutes - enough time to drop down to lower helm to investigate. The one item you did mention was the fan. See photo of fan right behind the Garmin display in between it and the Wire adapter block that the sonar wires come into. Certainly a potential suspect. AC motors that could be cycling while underway are the Galley fridge and the Ice Maker.

When we cruise we are minimalist regarding power usage - usually no AC required in NE, heads (vacuum) usually shut off and a tight water system so no water pump cycling.

I will check connections in adapter box first and then take a look at fan / Ac loads when power is restored to boat. It shouldn't be that hard. More to come I am sure.

Thanks for your input,
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