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Thank you for the add


I am a new member, obviously , and will be asking quite a few questions as my boat is going through its extensive refit. I will try to make sure they are concisely asked and clean.

The boat is going through the refit, then will go on an 8,000 to 10,000-mile journey to get it home. Afterward, it will predominantly be playing along the west coast, from Los Angeles (LA to Catalina) to Vancouver (around Vancouver Island).

The vessel is currently in Houston.

As I am sure with the questions I will be asking, I will put in this a brief summary of the boat to help clarify anything that may arise, and may modify to add more to the info set.

The vessel is a 70' power yacht (currently 65' but adding a 5.5' swim platform with hydraulic rams). 100-ton classification. 3/8" steel hull, 1/4" steel superstructure. 2 motors for propulsion, Volvo's, 300hp each. 1 - 5.5kw generator. 1 - 33kw generator. 8.5kw of solar, 110kwh of batteries. 20kw of inverter. 210-gallon fresh water holding capacity in 7 tanks, with a water maker onboard. 6' draft, 19ft beam. 3000 gal built-in fuel capacity in 3 tanks. Semi-displacement hull design. There is also a Vetus Bow and Stern thruster.

Navionics is a Timezero professional, coupled to two 21" monitors in the helm, as well as on the flybridge. There will also be a Maretron Vessel view with the same monitor setup. I am adding a Raymarine 9" MFD in both the flybridge and helm to control the FLIR cameras. A closed radar array. Communications is a Peplink HD2 with sim injector, a Peplink BR2 coupled to a 2M Axxess marine antenna, KVH V7 HTS, Starlink satellite, and a Wilson wifi amplifier. Has two VHF and one HF radio.

Adding a Steelhead ES2500 davit to the boat as well and a Bauer Oceanus dive compressor.

I do not know what my fuel-efficient speed is yet, as the boat is going through an extensive refit currently. There are fuel flow monitors being added to put into the N2K backbone. All engines are being put on the N2K backbone using Chetco engineering equipment. There are four FLIR ax8 cameras in the engine room, one FLIR AX8 monitoring the batteries, and another monitoring the inverters.

I will be adding cameras on the bow, stern and both sides for docking. there will also be a pelco 360 camera a the top of the radar mast.

For safety, there are three separate life rafts, all for offshore use, two with built-in 2-way ELT's. There are 4 life jackets(a total of 20, but 4 specialized), Rescue PFDs, all have VHFs, PLBs, Spot messengers, laser pointers, flashlights, mini flares, glow sticks, etc. There will be a jet ski on the swim platform. A Williams jet tender 285, and a Takacat 340lx with a Tohatsu 9.9 4 stroke on the upper deck. There is also a Pelican 1650 case, loaded, as a ditch kit. There are also 4 EPIRBs on board. The boat has 50,000GPH of bilge pump capacity in a mix of AC and DC pumps, there are 4 gallons of splash-zone epoxy, hole plugs, large magnetic sign rolls as patches, and 4 containers of USCG stop leak stuff. There is a propane-powered/gasoline generator that can power 5 additional sump pumps, each with about 1500GPH capacity, and is in a separate box as a safety backup. Each of those has roll-up hoses on them, with extension cords already coiled as well for quick deployment. There is a 3" gasoline trash pump that I may put on board, but do not know yet if I will, this is 23000 gph in additional capacity. Also, an all-in-one welder is on board as well.

I do not know what speed yet, as fuel efficiency will play the most critical path in determining the speed at which we move, but I suspect it will be around the 6~8 kts area. The boat cruising speed is 14kts with a max speed of 18kts

Electrical (120VAC and 240VAC) and plumbing have both been completely gutted and will be completely redone.

Electrical is being done using DIN breakers and logic, ran through Carlon (smurf) blue flexible conduit to the different points.

Plumbing is done through 1/2" pex, with 2 24-port pex manifolds. Pex is Uponor type-A expansion.

There is also a fully stocked tool room. has a toolbox/workbench (52"x22"x39") completely stocked as well as more specialty tools stored elsewhere. There are multiple sets of spares of belts, fluids, filters, etc. Even extra power steering pumps.

Climate control is done through 6 self-contained units. 3 - 18k BTU, 3 - 24k BTU

It is a 3-stateroom, sleeping 7 and 2 full heads. One is a bathtub shower combo, other is a walk-in wet head, about 50sq ft, with 4 different shower zones.

Two fortress anchors (FX-85) for anchoring. There are 6 x 100' x 1" double braided ropes, and 6 x 45' x 1.5" double braided for docking. 6 x 18" x 36" inflatable fenders (will be going up to 12) and 6 - 15" x 30" normal polyform fenders.

Please ask any questions and will be glad to answer. Just trying to be detailed, as many of my questions will revert back to what I have on board and doing.

Thank you again.
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