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Originally Posted by bfloyd4445 View Post vhf radio on yer sloop? know, i can believe that, sailboater don't like to part with bucks so put thmeselves in Gods hands everytime they go sailing praying for wind. Me, I pray for no wind

Mark's talking the 1960s here and I suspect in those days a VHF was considered a yachting accessory, not something you put on a small sailboat. I fished for years during the 70s on a 28' Uniflite in Hawaii and it didn't have a radio. We'd go 30-40 miles out off the north shore of Oahu but a radio never seemed to us to be something we'd need. The owner of the boat owned the flight school where I flew and of course all his planes had radios. But a radio in a small boat? Never occured to us or any of the other local fishermen that a radio might be worth having.
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