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Want to buy a Willard 40. What should I be looking out for?

I have a pending offer on my sailboat and am going to be making the transition to a trawler (Iím still a young 50y/o but physically canít do it anymore). The Willard seems to check most of the boxes. Looking for a vessel that will do the loop and get me to the Bahamas as well as across the gulf.

Like most boats there are inherent issues I assume. What should a surveyor and a prospective owner be looking for? Wet keels? Deck rot? Window seals?

Also wondering if there are any special challenges when repowering these. Thereís a 40 for sale but has almost 10k on the clock. Thinking itís close to that time and Iíve sort of always wanted to do a Beta Marine repower if ever fell in love with the right boat. Would love a Nordhavn or Great Harbour But
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