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Hot instruments act up


On my Nordic Tug 32:

My Fusion radio starts to sound very fuzzy and actually starts to hiss after it's been on for a few hours on a hot day. It is mounted in my overhead instrument pod and must get really hot. If I turn it off and let it rest, when it comes back on it sounds great again.

Also have had some touchscreen failures on my Raymarine ES128. Lots of hot weather lately and long run times in a smallish nav pod. Question: Could hot weather and closed up box contribute to it's failure?

Ultimate question:

Should I consider mounting PC cooling fans on both pods? Has anybody done this? It would be easy to wire them so they come on with the 12v breaker that powers the instruments. Could face forward and not be visible at all. I am looking for recommendations for fans based on a desire to have low amps and very quiet.

Love to hear your opinions or experiences either way.


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