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Thank you. That is very helpful. I probed the vent line with a smaller plastic tubing. I measured and know it got to the vent elbow at the top of the tank but thought maybe it was not strong enough to get past the flange lip. I did forcefully pump a large amount of air with our dinghy hand pump, certainly a lot more than what would fill the hose, and when I released it, a lot of air blew back, which I figured had compressed in the tank. I tried to get the vent hose off at the step (tank top) but only had a hair dryer and could not get it to budge). And with the forespar Y valve that can do a full 360 degree spin, thought that was the issue. Decided to hire a pro scheduled for the 27th to come out, install a new Y valve (Bosworth) and while he's at it maybe a heat gun would allow him to get the vent line off at the elbow at the top of the tank. As an alternative, I had bought a 5/8" barbed coupling, figuring worst case I could cut it about 6" away from the elbow and use something rigid to probe and maybe even squirt water in there to clear any possible obstruction. Your crystal substance makes alot of sense, so with the waste system guy comes out I'll have him check that too. I definitely need a fully functioning system! I did buy a spare macerator as well. while I'm at it, speaking of spares, did you have the original ships waterpump (ours is a Jabsco Sensor Max 17 model 31755-0000). Its a 4.5 GPM. I prefer having a spare but can't find it- out of production. Have you replaced yours? If so, with what. When we're out for 2 months at a time I prefer having spares for a lot of what can go wrong.
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