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Originally Posted by capran View Post
still am surprised there is no overall factory boat manual with plumbing and tankage diagrams.
I was too! This was our first big boat and I was not accustomed to something so large and complex having no manual. I figure the learning curve will remain steep for another couple years.

We replaced our forward head with the same Raritan Sea Era model as in the day head. Seems far more serviceable than the "porcelain to the floor" Jabsco model. Seems to me like the joker valve should be able to be replaced and the macerator serviced without removing the whole thing.

I also did some modifying to our holding tank vent. It had some kind of air filter that I am sure was plugged. It is not a simple run of " hose up to the vent. Has not been a problem since.

As we are in the Great Lakes, our macerator pump is also likely rusted and struggling. The Y valve is locked out. Rather than service it and replace what does not work, I am thinking about removing all that extra complexity should the need arise.
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