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Originally Posted by HeadedToTexas View Post
We have hull #3 and have had quite the opposite experience, though perhaps it's just perspective as this is our first bigger boat. The forward head had to be replaced within the first season and that was no fun, but in hindsight it was no big deal. Did you get your pump out woes resolved?
Not yet. But we're quite sure the original forespar Y valve is shot, as it rotates 360 degrees, so somehow air is getting in the system, we think. We bought a different style (Sea-lect" by Bosworth) but have not installed it yet. But we did replace the macerator today and bought a spare. turns out the old macerator, where the 4 screws hold on where the bigger tubing enters from the holding tank were worthless. two were corroded and broken in half and one was gone, and only one intact. Think we'll take an old spare porta potty as well as an emergency pumping system that could be used for holding tank or in case of taking on water. slowly getting things figured out, but also so used to the great handling characteristics of a sailboat. Todays cocktail hour was much better. thanks for asking. still am surprised there is no overall factory boat manual with plumbing and tankage diagrams. Hope to get a couple of months out cruising. Sure hope the heads don't give up.
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