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Originally Posted by koliver View Post
As a matter of actual experience:
My dual Racors are mounted, together, on the aft bulkhead, about 24" from the transmissions of each engine, Mine are the 500s, without the metal heat shield. In 2000, I had a hydraulic hose fail on the Port trans, which led to a fire at that location, due to the hydraulic fluid having spewed onto the trans housing, which got hot enough running without fluid, to ignite the fluid.
The air filter housing, located above the fire, was consumed. The unprotected Racors showed no effect whatsoever.
I'm very interested to hear how you dealt with the fire. I once came very close to a similar fire. The gasket on the gen set lube oil filter developed an pin hole leak. It was spraying a fine mist of lube oil onto the main engine turbo. Fortunately there was an insulation blanket on the turbo which had not yet gotten saturated to the point the oil reached the turbo. The odor of hot oil got me to take a look and deal with the problem before ignition.
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