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Recommended Nordhavn over 55 to 70


I’m used to a high quality coastal cruiser (twin, low decks etc) which I love but as I move slightly bigger I’m thinking of other alternatives now (my friend decided to keep the larger model of mine which I was supposed to buy).

Nordhavn’s started intriguing me seeing so many in British Columbia/Alaska, my current cruising ground.

What’s your preferred model in the 55’ to 70’ range?

1. I don’t want it too old, so relatively new or new enough that age doesn’t matter. I can update electronics.
2. Able to be handled by a couple or indeed single handed except perhaps around docking which I don’t do that frequently.
3. Less vertical is better though I have no issues with mobility
4. Tender launching ease. I don’t love the idea of launching off the bow.
5. More open layout. The feel of the salon is important more elegant is better. Windows/visibility are important.
6. Good outdoor space for relaxing/eating.
7. Able to place a small hot tub! (Have used a relatively shallow bath tub style set into a lazerette on the aft deck in a hatteras and it was magical)
8. The more quiet the better.
9. Height. Hmmm. My boat house door is 25’ foot clearance, but over that the antennas etc would need to fold or i keep it outside
10. Draft. Don’t care as much but I’m currently 5’. Hate for draft to limit me too much.

Uses: currently between Broughtons and Alaska, but I’m tempted to head to the east coast.

I need to tour more of these.

I’ve watched videos and the 64 and 68 which looked nice. Salon does feel more constrained on these.

Any guidance?
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