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Originally Posted by Marco Flamingo View Post
It is interesting that Racor has fancy heat reflectors available to cover the fairly thick plastic bowls for fire protection (ABYC requirement on new construction?), yet the engine room can have 20 quarts of oil in very thin plastic jugs. My oil jugs are only "protected" by plastic milk crates secured in the engine room. Does the ABYC have any guidance on this?
The Racor filters are often mounted pretty close to an engine. Plus, diesel fuel is easier to ignite than engine oil. And the Racor is connected to a much larger source of liquid (fuel tank) that could potentially continue to flow if the bowl is ruptured (unless your tanks have anti siphon valves like a gas boat).

I wouldn't store oil right next to an engine, but given adequate space, getting it a bit further away in the engine room is a low risk in my mind. By the time you torch a bottle of oil enough to ignite it with it a few feet from an engine, you're likely in an uncontrollable fire anyway.
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