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Originally Posted by Salty Pelican View Post

Greetings from Milano, Italy, where we are for a distilling exhibition. 31 degrees , great food and drinks, and a lot of sales opportunities for our still manufacturing operation!

Regards, Edwin & Veronika.
I am sure the still that was on our land before we were the owners, did not look like the one in the image.

Before we bought the place, I was walking around and found where a still had been in use many decades ago. There was the rusted out remains of a can of kerosene for starting the fire and the top of a broken clay jug. If one has ever seen an episode of The Andy Griffith Show with the Darling's, the clay jug looks just like the one that Mr. Darling was playing.

Moonshining still happens in my county. But that is another story or two.

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