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For a fuse to suddenly and decisively blow like that, something has either just broken, or been changed to create a short.

While hauled out has there been work done on the electrical system? If so, I would look closely at how it might have created a problem.

Next I would look at the generator hookup. I'm wondering if some sort of reverse polarity issue might be at play. One test would be leave the output disconnected, then turn the charger on and measure the voltage between the output and ground. That will tell you if the charger is doing something crazy.

Be careful running the charger with the primary output disconnected. Most of the multi-output chargers are really single output with a couple of tag-along low power taps. The charger's control is completely regulated based on the primary output, and the other outputs just follow along for the ride. So with a primary output disconnected, you might not get sensible output from the secondaries. It will all depend on the exact design of the charger, but just be aware that it might not be as expected.
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