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Originally Posted by dannc View Post
Make sure you can deploy the dive ladders from the water.

I read an account where a guy was solo sailing in Scotland and he fell overboard at anchor. He had a very difficult time getting back on board and failed numerous attempts. He had enough energy for one more attempt and made it aboard by wedging his foot into the the gap between the hull and the top of the rudder.

If he had not gotten back on board with that last attempt, he would have died. He was so worn out that he laid down on a bunk and passed out. He did not even remove his wet clothes even though he was hypothermic.

If the boat had a ladder that could be deployed or used, from the water, he would have had not issues. Someone with cold, useless hands should be able to deploy the ladder.


That's required by ABYC, and I expect CE as well.
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