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I'm no PhD in economics, but I used to think I had a general sense of how things tend to work and flow. Not anymore. In a separate thread -- on the pretty shocking escalation in fuel prices -- I mentioned how they're rolling out the 2023 Cadillac Escalade for $149,000, and doubtless terrible fuel mileage. Meanwhile I keep wondering how lower income families are paying $5 for gas, and $5 for milk (in some places). But boat and RV prices haven't declined as far as I can tell. Interest rates are climbing, but houses are still ridiculously expensive. The slips at our marina are still full, even though they're beginning to charge Palm Beach rates for a small lake on the Prairie. We just got a couple estimates for relatively minor repair jobs on the house and we got burst-out-laughing astronomical quotes, but I don't think the contractors care if we hire them or not. Then six people have decided to quit or retire at the office in the last couple months, because they don't have to work full time anymore. Maybe it's a lag, inertia, and inflation has happened so fast that the markets and consumer behavior haven't had time to catch up, or we don't see it yet. The dissonance -- the illogical contrasts everywhere -- make no sense to me.
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