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Originally Posted by C lectric View Post
What runs overnight? What is their draw in watts or V & A?

If electronics other than a dedicated anchor alarm is operating and the E.R. fans are running then you may be expecting to much.

Lighting changed to LED? That can make a big difference.

Before you make this kind of decision you need to assess what is allowed to operate overnight and how many watts those items add up to so you can estimate the draw.
I assume the fridges are run from the inverter. THe inverter itself will need power over and above what it supplies, about 10% as the static controls operation themselves need power constantly.

You will get many suggestions but you still need to do a decent electrical survey of what draws what and what is left running overnight before an informed decision can be made. Even LiFePO4 have limits.
You may be asking to much.

Agreed. I can tell the load of course by just looking at the Victron and seeing the amp draw. Once I've shut down anything I don't consider essential, the amp draw reading is my baseline. That average right now is 48a.
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