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Originally Posted by koliver View Post
How long was your boat sitting unused before you took possession? In getting any recently purchased boat, RV or car properly set up, I have learned to expect the battery(s) to have been neglected through the listing period. This is especially true if the listing broker (or Used Car sales lot) to be inadequately set up to keep complex battery systems charged. In RVs, they often sit far from any possibility of being plugged in, and spend long days with all the interior lights fully on to show off to casual tire kickers.
My last car showed severe battery weakness in the first month after purchase, to the point that I was all set up to go and get a hard to source new one. One last attempt to get a full charge put that trip off, and now, 6 years later, my original battery is still doing just fine.
4 years in is too soon to give up on yours.

Excellent points.
Is this a new to you boat. If so Kolivers suggestion would be very valid.

Something I just though of is have you checked for Ghost loads. I have had a few on mine, much smaller simpler boat, but none the less they caused me some trouble. They could be outright leakage from goofy wiring causing a drain. They could be electronics that do not truly shut down as long as a power source is available. Although each is small if they do not fully shutdown then the draws can add up.

TV, your inverter controls mentioned, VHFs, , radar, sounders, MFD, and so on, literally any thing with a push button On/Off control.
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