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Originally Posted by Caballero II View Post
We have had a GB 36 for 12 years and love her. Single screw, which I wanted and love. Wouldn't want twin screw. I think of her as a cozy mountain cabin.
I have heard there are single GB 42's, mostly in the NW, and would fly to see one. I think GB was brilliant in this design as everything is the same except just that much larger, which I might really like. But it still has to be a single screw which I haven't found. I wish they made any of them with paravanes, and we'd love a center island berth. There's no room for any sort of real stabilization in a 36 with out making the ER a nightmare.

If anyone has a single screw GB 42, please contact me. I'd be motivated.
I have no relationship with this GB or the seller but saw this on Yachtworld.
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