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Paint suggestions

I'm in the process of restoring my 1979 30' Tolly sedan. The previous owner did little maintenance so the surfaces are pretty run down. I have 3 specific areas to address:

1. I plan to clean the woodwork with TSP and was thinking that I would then paint a coat of polyurethane on all of it. It appears to not have a finish on it so I started to think about something like tung oil instead. Would the poly be a mistake? What have others of you done?

2. The bilge is a mess with oil from the diesels almost everywhere. I know that when I attempt to clean it I won't be able to get it clean enough for most paints to bond. I'm not going to attempt to wipe it down with laquer thinner, alcohol or any other solvent just from a safety aspect. Are there any good bilge paints that are forgiving that can be used?

3. Finally, the lower berth area and head walls are painted white. I'm a little sceptical about just repainting with a white enamel. I just don't think it will look or perform very well. Any suggestions?

I figure many of you have already been through these tasks and hope to learn from your mistakes and successes.
BTW, I plan to cover the wall behind the toilet with 12 x 12 mirrors to make the head seem larger. Do you see a downside?

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