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Well, our rigger left our yard so we are on our own. Last week I rewound the cable running between the upper and lower helms. There is an excellent explanation of this on the Facebook GB owners files section. Took my wife and I about an hour. Today we enlisted my brother to help rethread the main steering cable. We had looped the cable down into the aft cabin and then my wife fed the 2 ends down behind the steering console while my brother pulled up the slack on the messenger strings, I was in the engine compartment helping the cable through the sheaves. Took 30 minutes. Later this week we will attach the chain to the cable and the tensioning bolts to the other end and then to the quadrant. The folks at Edson were VERY helpful. Will K. owns a 42C so he knows of what he speaks. When I turn the wheel to the right, the boat is supposed to go to the right, correct? 🙂
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