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Different folks-different boats. On NT42/44 the space in the middle under the aft cockpit is ideal. There’s a hatch right there stock and the stringers are already brought all the way aft. There’s adequate space to get to all four sides of it. So no modifications required. You do lose the space for what would be otherwise storage and do put significant weight back there. But putting your heavy liquids (coolants oil etc) under the forward stairs or under the master queen berth balances things out. As part of our refit raised the bootstrap and bottom paint a fraction over an inch to compensate.
Unfortunately there’s no free lunch with anything. It’s so easy to just let thing be spooled up all the time that before Ukraine would have just left it on. Now will do that only when needed. Don’t think it will jump the fuel bill up much used like that.

Curious. What’s the draw and economics of Magnus.
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