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Originally Posted by FWT View Post
As far as tender space goes, I don't know the exact dimensions of the dink space from railing to railing, but I am sure you saw the boat has a beam of 13'11". The top deck will measure most of that but not all. Knock off a few more inches to account for the rails inside of the edges. I'd guess 12 feet or better in room. Scott could give it you in a quick email, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask. Others have chosen to carry it off the swim platform, and you can bite off as much of that 13'11" as you dare.

My H38E came with an AB10VSX RIB with a 20hp Tohatsu outboard; the AB10VSX is actually 10'6" and sitting crosswise on chocks with the engine raised on the upper deck, it just barely fits between the rails--maybe an inch or so to spare on each size. This is absolutely the largest size dinghy I would suggest it you plan to carry it topside on a H38.
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