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Originally Posted by Nocanvas View Post
We were asked to make a comment in this thread so here it gos.
Sitting here in Vero Beach, FL on our Mariner 37 Pilothouse 2008 480HP after our Great Loop start 9/2021 after trucking from Blaine WA. We all know the difference between this boat and the Helmsman 38E.
Our air draft is 178 to anchor light and antennas down. 14 air draft with Bimini. We clear most bridges. Draft 310 but we say 4. Its just the wife and I with the occasional visiting Inlaw who loves the lowering table in the galley and the day head wet bath (comfortable) and very private with the curtain installed at the steps to the Pilothouse.
Our experience going down and up the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Tombigbee, Mobile rivers & AICW was very good partly because our draft was never a problem getting into places we wanted. The boats have imho just the right draft if your paying attention ( a good compromise).The air draft from Seneca, Illinois to Fort Myers to Okeechobee onto Miami and so far up here to Vero Beach has been pleasant with only a few bridges we waited on and had We chose to lower the mast wed waited even less. I guess Im saying air draft can be managed with the Helmsman giving a pleasant traveling experience.

We cruise between 3 gph and 9gph depending on current or mood. The 7.8 hull speed says the rest. The admiral loves stretching out in the Pilothouse while the skipper sits attentively driving with remote autopilot inside at the helm. One of the most asked questions has where do we steer from the most and that would be inside. Especially docking the low railing is easier to help one hand the boat docking. Long cruising in the open waters we tend to drive Chariot. The second most common question we get is. Who builds that boat what is it.
Its been a great looper boat for us the way we use it and were still happy we chose it.
We have a custom hub on the prop and have re pitched , 450ah bank 450w PV standard frig and a portable dometic deep freezer.
Seawise Davit on stern AB 10VSX with 20hp Tohotsu can deploy or stow in 4 1/2 min one person. Boat isnt too heavy and it cost less as a package ( that worked for us) and lots of usable upper deck space all the time.

Ill add that Scott has always been readily available and quick to help if we had any issues.
Hope this sheds light on the question.
Remember life is full of trade offs pick whats best for you.
We like the percentage rule ��
And there is the guy on the loop!
Thanks for bringing the perspective.
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