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Originally Posted by bowball View Post
Has anyone done the loop in the 38E? Iím trying to look up the air draft as well. I have a bigger trawler on the west coast but was thinking of one of these for the east coast - and letting my relatives use it. I want to spend some time there.

I like the layout of the 38E and my only concerns have been outdoor space as well as carrying a larger tender.
Done the Loop: I think so but can't swear to it. It is very Loop-capable. The Loop isn't the top of my list to do but I might and thus made sure the boat can do it. It has plenty of fuel range, way past the limit need along the Mississippi / TennTom area where there is a long run without fuel availability. As far as air draft goes, its 17.6 feet with mast up (maybe more with electronics and antennas) but under 13 feet with mast folded down for those few short bridges in Chicago. Per Scott, quite some time back by email.

As far as tender space goes, I don't know the exact dimensions of the dink space from railing to railing, but I am sure you saw the boat has a beam of 13'11". The top deck will measure most of that but not all. Knock off a few more inches to account for the rails inside of the edges. I'd guess 12 feet or better in room. Scott could give it you in a quick email, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask. Others have chosen to carry it off the swim platform, and you can bite off as much of that 13'11" as you dare.
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