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Originally Posted by Simi 60 View Post
We usually do two weeks out
This time being longer I am giving her a good hose down, beer in hand as the last job of the day.
She'll be back in soon, all steps are forward.
Simi 60 is an outlier, at least as far as the US is concerned. I laugh at those who talked in another thread about not using marinas, but when it came down to it, they were regularly using them, going to them in their dinghies. Simi truly lives on his boat and at anchor and frequents marinas and shore far less frequently than others claiming to live independent of them.

Then we turn to wood. Simi's boat is a fine, well maintained and cared for, wooden boat with a knowledgeable owner who lives on it and also knows what he's doing in regard to protecting and maintaining.

I don't know about owners of wooden boats or about liveaboards in Australia. What I do know is he's very far from the norm in the US and, from what I know, in Europe.

Why am I pointing this out? Partially to praise Simi, but also to warn others. Understand if you hear people talk about living on the hook and being self sufficient and never using marinas, most are not and very few are like he is. And, it would be easy for insurers if all were like him. I'd still want to inspect after the work is done. However, Simi is not typical and for every one like him I've observed, I can show you dozens of wooden boats sunk at the docks on the lake and on the coast. A few are admirers and cultivators of wooden boats, but far more buy wooden boats because they're cheap and with no real idea of the maintenance required or the risks.

Be like Simi and you'll be fine. However, if you're not, wooden boats in your future may well not be practical or insurable.
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