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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Yes....and no....the name "Florida Coaster" says a lot. Not for rounding distant capes.

Even the designer discusses the basic hull shape designed for relatively protected waters but the beam does help with initial stability. There's another hull design that has a wide relatively shallow draft hull with small twin engines that's become popular...but I never heard of one of those owners discuss rounding the horn.

Having been there several times...not sure I want to do the "Horn" in any "boat"... just rather large ships. But as been said...much better a solid, capable plastic boat than a rule beating fishboat.

Why is fishing one of the most dangerous professions? One reason is captains often ignore the weather limitations of their boats and never return.
Designed for North Sea, Baltic Sea, north atlantic, up to Spitzbergen, etc. Heavily strenghtened, heavily insulated, heated windows, some even heated decks, etc.
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