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I think the combination of home and marina can be great. Just be sure you have all the details of ownership and rules. Also, make sure the marina is adequate for your current and future needs. Some of the marinas tied to condos are geared toward smaller day boats.

People mention buying and prices and prior to the latest rise there were people who purchased homes or condos in Florida, just for the docks.

Docks in South Florida rent for $18 to 90 per foot. Typically slips for sale cost from $100k to $600k. So, buying a condo for $750k that comes with a slip or even a home for $1 million with 80 ft of dockage may be financially better plus convenient. There are people who buy the home and then rent it out but use the dock and people who do the opposite and use the home but rent the dock.

I know one person who bought a waterfront home with 110' of deep water dock. His monthly payments of $9000 per month sounder outrageous for a vacation home. However, he rented the home a total of 26 weeks during the year for just over $100k and he rented the dock for 7200 per month. So he used the home about four months and had net income after taxes and insurance of about $30,000 plus the property increased in value another 20%. Not something I'd do but there's value to both sides of a waterfront home or condo with a dock.
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