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We had pre-Dometic MarineAirrrr reverse cycle ACs in our last boat and they worked well. We did eventually replace them with more efficient now-Dometic "Turbo" (now DTX or DTG or some such) units that come in both MarineAirrr and Cruisair flavors... and we liked the improvements the new systems brought to the table. Didn't have that boat long enough afterwards to judge longevity or Dometic warranty service, though.

This boat... all 5 units are 15-year-old pre-Dometic Cruisair systems. One has failed soon after we took possession and will be replaced with the newer DTX/G/whatever thing sometime over the next couple months. I'm looking forward to the improvements. Still can't say much one way or the other about Dometic quality or warranty.

Reading suggests all the other reverse cycle AC companies also have their share of issues; doesn't seem like Dometic is any worse than others.

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