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Originally Posted by phillippeterson View Post
We see Cruisair air conditioning is now sold as a Dometic product. Our experience with Dometic in the rv world is that it is not very high quality and warranty experience was not very good.

If you have any experience with Cruisair we'd love to hear.
Geez, I have a Cruisair split unit in my aft cabin that is at least 20 years old, maybe older. We are full-time wintering in Maryland. On reverse cycle heat, these units are supposed to quit producing heat when the water temp reaches to a low of 40F degrees. Water temp is now 33 degrees here and this unit is still producing heat at 34 degrees in excess of room temp. When the water temp was 45F, I was getting 50 degrees in excess of room temp.

We had to replace the same unit in the main cabin last spring because the reversing valve had stuck likely midway because it would neither heat nor cool. We went with an all-in-one unit. It quit producing heat heat at 40F as the manual said it would.

By the way, for folks having reverse cycle you would be wise to reverse the output from time to time to exercise the reversing valve. I do believe that manufacturers recommend doing so to prevent that eventuality. I didn't and paid the price.

My point is that my experience with Cruisair has been good.
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