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Originally Posted by Snapdragon III View Post
This is probably the minority opinion but I will put it out there. I do not understand draw of rounded back corners in boat L shaped benches. The best thing about these benches is that you can lounge around on them in the evening with your back in the corner of the bench, and your legs splayed out. If there is a weird round corner it messes everything up. My advice is to take this opportunity to modify the wood bench back and make it square, then sew square cushions to go with it. If your wood working isn't the best, it won't really matter since it will be hidden behind the cushion. If you do decide to keep the round corner, I would make the normal cushions on either side of it, then take them to a professional, and have them build the round cushion to match the ones you made. I think it is going to be ver hard to make a round cushion that look good.

I recently sewed new cushions for my new boat. My benches were framed square, but there was a rounded cushion in the corner, with a square back. When I made new cushions I changed it to a square corner. It doesn't look quite as custom, but it is way more comfortable than the original set up. It was also way easier to sew.

Dude…. I love your settee cushions. That’s a great idea
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